hang 10.

Brief: (Group Project)


Activate an underutilised laneway in the East End of Perth to support the new international student apartment buildings. 




What the East End of Perth City needs to ensure to sustainability of the international student housing, is activate the streets and create a greater sense of community by designing an "anti -laneway" with an urban, contemporary vibe. The space will include an outdoor cinema, food trucks, a community garden, after hours gates and an architectural ceiling. With the unique ceiling design and gates, year round activations and ticket events become possible. Inspired by our Down South beaches, beautiful reefs and modern Australian lifestyle, our ceiling design and feature floor also encourages tourists to venture outside the city; giving them a taste of our "beachy" culture. Together, with our custom made seats, wifi and charging stations the laneway provides a safe space for patrons to linger, students to study and the community to "Hang 10." 


Overall our design for Hang 10 laneway achieved our goal to create a sustainable, versatile, vibrant space which would activate an underutilized area and provide a memorable, cultural experience for international students, tourists and locals. However, we struggled to work effectively as a group. In the development stages, a lack of contribution of ideas and presence in discussions from every member made it hard to begin, as we needed to wait on suggestions, ideas and concepts from each person. Essentially, the concept could have had more of a “wow” factor if the over arching design had been formed from a whole group discussion, rather than one or two individual ideas.