Design a hospitality space which addresses a cultural issue, health issue, environmental issue and incorporates an element of interactivity. 




An Arabic bar, which allows users to experience 

middle Eastern culture to change the negative 

perception created by the media. “Passage” would provide an immersive environment with interactive screens of scenic landscapes from countries such as  Jordan, Egypt and Morocco. “Passage” would also cater to the hearing impaired with vibrating floor panels on a unique, raised dance floor. The materiality of the space would be energy efficient with the use of recycled metals. 




This project allowed me to experiment with where I would like to take my bar designs in the future, by creating an immersive environment that transports the user to another world. The use of textures in this project took great consideration as they needed to encapsulate the Arabic feel, aid the hearing impaired issue the bar addressed, be sustainable and add to the mood of the space. This project improved my ability to focus on the overall design and requirements of a brief, rather than focus on one good idea by thinking about how materiality, sustainability and 

accessibility can improve the design of a space. 


Marks Achieved:


High Distinction


Time Frame:


7 week project


Programs Used:


SketchUp, InDesign, 3DS Studio Max, Photoshop, Octane