Marks Achieved:


High Distinction


Time Frame:


8 week project


Programs Used:


SketchUp, InDesign, Photoshop


windsor smith concept.



Redevelop a retail space for an existing brand, (chosen company: Windsor Smith shoes) implementing the brand throughout the design. The space must include sustainable materials and a unique display system. 




Taking a step away from the overused existing 

industrial fit-out towards an urban, colourful runway feel, as portrayed on their Instagram account. Whilst their product was once directed towards an older, sophisticated market, their market is now focused on fashion forward, young adults. Therefore the space would be fitted out with bright opaque perspex, creating a stand out environment. As a nod to the company’s industrial background, shoes will be displayed in square steel frame boxes stacked into shelves against the walls and stuck in the sheets of perspex as if the boxes were falling from the sky. 



This project was an evaluation of putting an existing brand into a commercial space. However, after choosing the Windsor Smith brand I discovered an inconsistency between their social media image and their other online presence. With the decrease in sales over the last few years, I decided to rebrand the company focusing on the colourful, urban, “runway feel” presented on their instagram feed. In doing so, I was able to create a unique, stand out interior which would attract people to shop in store and revitalise the appeal of the brand. 

windsormoodboard copy.png