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Bringing Aboriginal Culture into Contemporary Spaces.

Why Leah Paige Designs?

At Leah Paige Designs we are dedicated to not only create client-focused interiors but also create a positive social impact through design. I believe that by drawing on our Western Australian landscape, history, and Indigenous culture for inspiration, we can create a style unique to our state; creating spaces we can be proud of globally. By bringing Aboriginal culture into contemporary design, people can develop an emotional and tangible connection to our culture. After all, it was not meant to be read about in a book, it was meant to be shared and experienced. 

While our passion is to bring light to the complexity of Aboriginal culture, all of our designs are centred around the client's wants, needs and bringing their vision to life. For us, the ultimate reward is being able to create a space that the client is truly proud of. 

Design is more than just about creating something aesthetically pleasing. Design can change the way we live our lives, create shared experiences and bridge the gap between communities. 

So chose to design with a difference. 

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