When you meet me, you’ll know that a regular office job was never going to be my thing. I have to create, to explore and be inspired. And that’s why I got into design. I began my creative journey through dancing which eventually led me into choreography, theatre and film.  While my experiences in the performance industry pushed my artistic boundaries and allowed me to connect to audiences through art, it was an industry which to an extent relied on being in the right place at the right time. And I like to make things happen myself. Essentially I didn’t want a career based on somebody giving me a chance. I wanted to shape and define my own future.


Post theatre, I went on a soul searching, “sell my car to buy plane tickets” solo trip around the world. Which commenced my love for travel and diving into cultural experiences. These journeys have pushed me out of my comfort zone, forced me to solve problems independently and taught me so much about life and myself. After multiple trips overseas and even living in Singapore for a short period, I returned to what will always be my home, Perth. I am a strong believer that Perth has the potential to become the “design” city destination in Australia for residents and tourists. Even though we are a young city, we have our own unique history and the potential to shape our identity and future in any way we see fit. I want to create leading designs here in Perth inspired by our culture, for our culture.


As a designer I am excited by the context and history of a space; always seeking alternative sources of inspiration. I am hugely inspired by Joyce Wang, not only for her detailed designs but by how she seeks inspiration and really embraces the contextual influences behind her designs. Something that really resonated with me is how Joyce talks about designing a space in the same way a director directs a film. In the same way, my experiences in film, theatre, dancing and travelling, have all influenced my methods of design. Through my previous studies and travel, I have experience in understanding alternative cultures and producing emotion driven design. I am a courageous, experience focused designer aiming to create sustainable, innovative activations which will see Perth become a design destination not only for Australia, but worldwide.