who am i.

I am a designer, a creative, a dancer, and a proud descendent of the Wudjari Noongar mob from the Ravensthorpe region, WA. 

Growing up my family didn't actually know we were Aboriginal and due to the times in which my grandad and ancestors grew up, it was something that wasn't really discussed; meaning, unfortunately, a lot of cultural knowledge wasn't passed down. 

However from the moment I found out about my heritage, I have been eager to learn as much as I can about Aboriginal culture, so I can give respect to and acknowledge my family's story. For me, this is why I am so passionate about what I do. I believe everybody should have the opportunity to truly understand, connect to and appreciate the complexity and significance of Aboriginal culture in our history. And design is just one way we can do this. 

However, when I got into design I noticed that many designers were seeking inspiration from overseas travels and I felt there was a missed opportunity to draw inspiration from our shared history and Aboriginal culture. When this is home to the oldest culture in the world, why would we need to look anywhere else? I also noticed that whilst some designers were featuring Aboriginal art pieces on walls, it wasn't venturing much beyond that, and it was limited to a restricted setting, very rarely featured in a luxury, high-end interior. Often just featured as a touristy motif.

My goal is to bring Aboriginal culture into a range of interior and exterior settings to showcase the complexity of the culture and give it the respect it deserves. 

For me, it is time to turn our eyes to the past to create the Australian design movement of the future.  

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